Friday, September 21, 2012

Fat Burning Foods - Part 1

Have you ever encountered with the term "fat burning Foods"?  Well most people would know that our body fat can be burnt by doing exercises, but foods that can burn off fats in our body?  Not many would have known about this I think.  Actually, fat burning foods are foods that help you burn off or speed up the burning of excess fat in your body.  The concept is very simple, when we digest food in our body, we need some energy to do this.  The harder the food is to digest, the more energy it is required from our body to do so.  Thus foods that are harder to digest makes our body work harder and as a result more fats are burnt off to provide the required energy for the digestion. 

Vitamins and minerals in foods act as agent to increase our body’s metabolism which in turn will create an ideal environment for more fat to be burnt as more energy is required when our body is on a high metabolic state. Fruits are the best source of vitamins and minerals provider.  Which is why it is wise to include plenty of fruits in your daily diet so that the minerals and vitamins can help to increase your body metabolism and burnt off the excess fat in your body?  Furthermore, fruits are high in fiber and low in calories and these will not adds to your lipid storage in your body.  It will only benefits us by lowering our cholesterol level and helps to clean up our blood system as well.

Oats are not only fat free and zero in calorie, it has the all important, insoluble fiber which helps us feel full and will not have the hungry feeling of wanting to devour more food than we need.  This is very important in terms of not over eating and produce the excess calories that will eventually be stored as fat in or body.  Having oat meal as breakfast is probably the best off the dawn meal you would ever have as it is said to be the healthiest breakfast ever. You can slice a couple of banana and add some honey and raisins for taste. The vitamin C in the banana is also part of the ingredient for an efficient metabolism in our body.

The white and lean chicken breast is probably the best source of protein you can ever get.  It is low in fat and high in amino acid.  Digesting protein is very hard and requires a lot of energy from our body to do so.  Thus chicken meat is not only a good source of fat burning food, it is also a source of food that is hard to turn into fat storage in our body.  The red meat counterpart like beef and lamb will always contain a higher level of fat content in them which is why they taste much nicer than chicken as most people say.  But for my body fat sake, I will undoubtedly choose the white meat counterpart of chicken meat which can help me control my waistline.

I will continue will the rest of the fat burning food in my next post. So stay tune for a good health, fitness and life!


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