Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gastric - Natural Cure Remedies

People with or have friends with gastric problem should know that it is a very painful experience when the gastric attack occur.  Gastric is the acidic juice produce by our stomach to digest the food we eat.  Normally this acidic juice will only be produced when there are foods inside our stomach.  Overtime, as we consume our meals at irregular hours coupled with the habits of eating highly processed and acidic foods. These make our stomach produce the gastric juice in irregular amount and timing.  The sudden overflow of this highly acidic juice in our stomach will harm the stomach wall, causing unbearable pain eventually when the protective mucus in our stomach lining has all been eroded by the gastric acid. 

Gastric, Natural cure remedies, how to cure gastric, health fitness and lifeThere are many natural cure remedies for this haunting gastric problem which we can practice daily.  The foremost habit that we must strictly adhere to is to have our 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the same time on a daily basis.  For example our 3 respective meals are at 7am, 12noon and 7pm.  We should strictly have our meals at these hours and try not to have them, 30 minutes before or after it or even worst as to skip them totally!  Try to consume some food at least, some biscuit or chocolate bar for example, if your schedule are too tight for you to have a full meal. This will prevent the gastric juice from damaging your empty stomach wall. 

During your meal, do not eat excessively or in other words over eat!  This will confused your stomach to produce extra gastric acid when the next time you only eat a little and this may damaged your stomach wall with the overflow of acid inside your stomach.  Eat smaller meals at a reasonable intervals will be a best solution.  Eat slowly and chew your food properly as this will help in easier digestion and there will be no excessive gastric juice produced in the stomach due to the need to dissolve the big chunks of food not chewed properly. Consume more fruits and fiber such as vegetables and nuts.  These are good at cleaning your digestive tract making your system runs more smoothly.  Avoid oily and processed food at all cost as these foods are highly acidic and when added to your gastric juice may create an environment of acid overflow inside your stomach.  This condition is very detrimental, especially to our stomach wall which gives rise to gastric pain.

For those who are already have gastric problems, avoid drinking beverages that contained caffeine such as coffee and tea.  Also drink less alcohol and carbonated drinks like coke and sodas.  Instead drink lots of plain water.  Coconut water and lemonade are also good for your stomach.  Never drink orange juice on an empty stomach as it is highly acidic and may cause damage to our stomach wall in the long run.  It is good to avoid pickles, vinegar and spicy foods as these foods are acidic as well.  One or two pieces of pickles in a month may not harm your stomach but if the consumption level is like one or two pieces every minutes then it might not be so good to your stomach isn't it!

Recently my wife had a gastric attack and a local Chinese doctor advise her to eat plain mashed potato.  He said it is good for the repairing of our already damaged stomach wall.   I wonder whether this is true or not but he said that some of his patients have tried it and are now less prone to gastric attacks and some even haven't got it ever since! Health Fitness and Life.


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