Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Benefits of Exercise

  I was sitting at a couch in a hot and lazy afternoon, slowly slipping down into a slumbering position as I switch on the television to watch the London Olympic Games.  As I was flipping through the channels, I felt my stomach very bloated.  I said to myself, well, probably it was due to the instant noodle I had just now for lunch.  Then all of the sudden I felt the urge to stand up and do some exercises.  This was maybe because of the bloated stomach that was hard to bear and the fact that I haven't been doing any exercise for the pass one week.

  So I got up from my couch and climb on to my stationery bike and began to pedal.  I did a 5 minutes slow pedal for warm up.  I increase the speed after that.  My stomach began to feel less tension as the bloating began to dissipate. Sweat starts to emerge from my body as I reached the 10 minutes mark.  My body starts to get warmer as I felt the blood circulate rapidly throughout my body.  I continue to pedal as I was watching the Olympic men 50 km walk on my television.  Sweat started to drip like the water pipe as I reached the 20 minutes mark.  It was a bit odd as I was supposed to feel tired but instead I felt more refreshing and energized.  This was mainly due to the increase in blood flow though my system that brings in more oxygen to my brain cells that gives me the sudden fresh and alertness.  By the 25th minutes the uncomfortable bloating in my stomach has gone completely.  As I pedal through the last 5 minutes, I felt not compelled to stop.  I did stop eventually at the 30 minutes mark but continued a further slower 5 minutes pedal for cooling down.

  As I read the meter on my bike, I was surprised to find out that I had did a 10 km cardio cycling and burnt 770 calories in the process.  While normally people would felt tired and exhausted, ironically I feel lighter and full of energy.  As I looked into the mirror while wiping my sweat off my body, I saw a more ripped figure and I felt more confident of myself.  The heavy perspiring during my exercise which makes my body loses a lot of water under my skin causing the ripped effect on my body.  Besides this, the heavy perspiring during my cardio bike exercise is good for removing toxin from my system.  Of course I need to drink a lot of water after the exercise to replenish myself.  Other benefits of exercise are the increase in blood circulation which brings a more thorough flow of oxygen to cell all over my body and also it helps to speed up the removal of toxin from my body as well transported through my blood system.  As I sit there resting, watching the rest of the 50 km walk race, I began to ponder, how exercise can bring so much benefits to our body and I have made up my mind to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day so as to capitalize on benefits that exercise can bring to us.  By the way I slept extremely well that night!


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